My internet service goes out, I call their "after hours" emergency internet technician, she gives me a number to their actual (3rd party) internet service technician, who goes through the typical troubleshooting steps i.e. unplug modem, etc.. Internet still doesn't work.

Called back and they tell me that since its after 530pm I will have to wait and call tomorrow to speak to another internet technician, waited, called back the next day, internet works sorta, less than 1mb download (about .5 average) called them again, and they scheduled a technician to come to my home (TWO DAYS LATER!) no idea what time or when the guy will show up so I'm forced to *** work and wait. Guy shows up spends about 5 mins and tells me nothing is wrong and if I keep having issues to call back...

I just called back and now after several hours they are going to send the useless mother *** back to my house again to tell me nothing is wrong.

Worst cable internet provider ever.

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Phenix City, Alabama, United States #837079

I've been with the cable company now for around 5 years I left one time before because internet trouble bei could not get it right so I turn my equipment inI recently joined back up with the cable company now I'm getting this same s***** service I did 5 years ago I think I'm going to find somebody else to go with and learn my lesson now thanks cable company

Phenix City, Alabama, United States #647732

We sincerely regret that we have not met your expectations.Will you please contact us at your earliest convenience?

When you call, if you would please ask for Jennifer Mitchell.

Thanks so much!(334-298-7000)

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